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Liberation Prophecy: Invisible House

Read "Invisible House" reviewed by Luca Muchetti

I Liberation Prophecy del sassofonista Jacob Duncan tornano a far parlare con un nuovo “oggetto musicale non identificato" a sette anni esatti dal primo, autoprodotto Last Exit Angel. Lo fanno nel migliore dei modi, confezionando un album intitolato Invisible House, dalla filigrana musicale ricchissima e complessa. Tante sono infatti le tracce che fanno di queste dieci ...


Liberation Prophecy: Invisible House

Read "Invisible House" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

The Louisville, KY octet Liberation Prophecy doesn't record that often, but amid other duties, sessions, and educational activities the members realign for their second release Invisible House, following up the critically acclaimed Last Exit Angel (Self-Produced, 2006). Indeed, the band has crafted another winner here. Even though the artists coalesce several disparate genres under the hood, ...


Jacob Duncan: Invisible House

Read "Invisible House" reviewed by Nicholas F. Mondello

Since the politically and culturally turbulent 60s, the word liberation has been incorporated into titles of collectives--remember the radical “Symbionese Liberation Army" and the certainly less violent, but still highly influential “Liberation Orchestra" of bassist Charlie Haden? Even song and album titles from groups as diverse as The Pet Shop Boys and Earth, Wind and Fire ...