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Aram Shelton: Everything for Somebody

Read "Everything for Somebody" reviewed by Troy Collins

Currently based in Oakland, California, alto saxophonist Aram Shelton initially rose to prominence as a member of the fertile Chicago jazz scene, where he resided from 1999-2005. His tenure in the Windy City resulted in a number of lasting relationships; one of the most notable is his Quartet with tenor saxophonist Keefe Jackson, bassist Anton Hatwich ...


Aram Shelton: Everything For Somebody

Read "Everything For Somebody" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Alto saxophonist Aram Shelton cannot break his Chicago habit. We're not talking that monkey woman Joe Williams used to sing about, back in the day. Shelton, who left Chicago a few years back for the Bay area of California, returns to the windy city often, both physically and for its sound.

His second quartet recording, ...


Aram Shelton Quartet: Everything for Somebody

Read "Everything for Somebody" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Nativo della Florida, ormai da lungo tempo il trentaseienne Aram Shelton vive tra Chicago, da dove provengono gli altri membri del suo attuale quartetto, e Oakland, dove ha sede la sua etichetta Singlespeed Music con la quale ha pubblicato quest'ultimo album. L'impatto col quale rivela un'ampia cultura jazzistica, legata gioco forza - benché di fatto il Nostro ami ...