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Tom Goehring: A Reflected Journey

Read "A Reflected Journey" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

A Reflected Journey is a quintet date, but it doesn't have a quintet date feel about it. The man of the hour--trumpeter Tom Goehring--doubles on flugelhorn, and his front line partner, the ever engaging and well-rounded Roger Rosenberg, covers baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone and bass clarinet. With all of those horns in the picture, and a ...


Alberto Mizrahi: Matzah to Menorah: A Holiday Jazz Celebration

Read "Matzah to Menorah: A Holiday Jazz Celebration" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

There is a well-established legacy of fusing the sacred with the secular in jazz. Pianist Duke Ellington's Concert of Sacred Music (RCA, 1966) is, perhaps, the most ceremonial example of this but there is a myriad of other recordings. Guitarist Grant Green's gospel-inspired Feelin' the Spirit (Blue Note, 1962), pianist/harpist Alice Coltrane's exploration of Hinduism and ...


By Dogsled, Tugboat or Kayak: Paul Winter's Latest Adventure in Japan

The Garden of Sonic Delights: Paul Winter Consort Finds a Resonant Paradise in a Japanese Architectural Treasure Paradise began as an enclosed garden but morphed into Shangri-la, a valley concealed and shimmering with peach blossoms. Now it echoes in a peaceable kingdom inside a mountain top, filled with resonant chambers and great treasures: the I. M. Pei-designed ...