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Label: ECM Records
Released: 2015
Track listing: Frankfurt; Konstanz; Cambridge; Rankweil; Langenhagen; Granada; Sevilla; London; Klagenfurt; Bradford; Edinburgh; Hannover; Pamplona.


Eberhard Weber: Encore

Read "Encore" reviewed by Luigi Sforza

Un viaggio in tredici città europee di Germania, Austria, Regno Unito e Spagna, un taccuino di appunti sonori come quello dei grandi viaggiatori dei secoli passati, una personale rappresentazione musicale di luoghi battuti, a tratti concreta, a tratti frutto di semplici suggestioni immaginarie dell'osservatore. Encore è un'epifanica illustrazione di spazi nel tempo, rappresenta uno ...


Eberhard Weber: Encore

Read "Encore" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

The aesthetic sensibility that has become identified as the sound of ECM is--in large part--a manifestation of German bassist and composer Eberhard Weber's own vision. Spacious, obscured harmonies, fluid melodies and tastefully imbedded electronics, often within a minimalist framework have been consistent components of much of the music in the label's catalog. Weber's inventive approach to ...


Label: MAMA Records
Released: 2012
Track listing: Sonny's Step; In Your Own Sweet Way; Bernie's Tune; Surrey with the Fringe on Top; A Waltz for You Know Who; Stompin' at the Savoy; Dear Mr. Florence; The Touch of Your Lips; Mendocino Nights; Billie's Bounce.


The Phil Norman Tentet: Encore

Read "Encore" reviewed by Nicholas F. Mondello

Harkening back and reverently genuflecting to the mid-size ensemble format of the 1950s and '60s--especially those on the West Coast such as the Dave Pell Octet, Miles Davis' Birth of the Cool (Capitol 1957) band and other similar-sized ensembles-- the Phil Norman Tentet's Encore delivers the absolute best of all jazz worlds. This ...


Label: Ding Dong Music
Released: 2001


Label: Repertoire Records
Released: 1993


Label: Zebra Records
Released: 1978


Label: Weton-Wesgram
Released: 1963


Label: Chesky Records
Released: 0


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