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Content by tag "Soundbrush Records"

Roger Davidson Trio: Oração Para Amanhã (Prayer for Tomorrow)

Read "Oração Para Amanhã (Prayer for Tomorrow)" reviewed by Roger Farbey

Roger Davidson was born in Paris in 1952 to a French mother and American father. The family moved to New York when he was one and he started playing the piano when he was four. He took a Master's degree in composition in composition in 1980 and another in choral music in 1985. Initially he was ...


David Finck: The Bass, Scatting Offenses, and the Back Hoe

Read "David Finck: The Bass, Scatting Offenses, and the Back Hoe" reviewed by Dr. Judith Schlesinger

David Finck is not only a first-call bassist with a long resume of high-profile recordings and gigs, but he's one of the most versatile musicians on any instrument. Finck has been in the studio, touring, and/or sharing the world's greatest stages with everyone from Andre Previn to Ivan Lins, Woody Herman to Natalie Cole and Kenny ...

Roger Davidson: Temple Of The Soul: Rhapsodies & Meditations For Solo Piano

Read "Temple Of The Soul: Rhapsodies & Meditations For Solo Piano" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Pianist Roger Davidson isn't a fan of repeating himself. With each album he's shined a light on a different facet of his artistry, marrying a classicist's outlook and touch with a fascination for anything and everything musical. He's looked at the sounds of Brazil from different perches, explored the tango in detail, tackled the music of ...

Carol Fredette: No Sad Songs For Me

Read "No Sad Songs For Me" reviewed by Dr. Judith Schlesinger

The fact that Carol Fredette's CD is going to be a rare treat is suggested by its very first track, the lesser-known Cole Porter gem, “I Am in Love." As arranged with ingenuity and class by bassist/producer David Finck. (who also wrote the wry title track), this jubilant samba makes one thing clear from the jump: ...


Carol Fredette: No Sad Songs For Me

Read "No Sad Songs For Me" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

We last heard from vocalist Carol Fredette on her first Soundbrush recording, Everything in Time (2009). Her repertoire was replete with, “Light latin jazz, humid islands, and secure mainstream treatments." Fredette remains fairly true to this mix of styles on No Sad Songs For Me, specifically addressing all songs of upbeat content, if not tempo. The ...


Roger Davidson Trio: We Remember Helen

Read "We Remember Helen" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

The music business holds claim to more than its share of selfish, self-promoting, greedy individuals who built their fortunes on the backs of others but, within its ranks also exist a certain class of individual that truly looks out for the best interests of the music and the people who make it. Helen Keane, by all ...


Pablo Aslan Quintet: Piazzolla in Brooklyn

Read "Pablo Aslan Quintet: Piazzolla in Brooklyn" reviewed by Lawrence Peryer

Pablo Aslan Quintet

Piazzolla In Brooklyn

Soundbrush Records


Thanks to artists like pianist Pablo Ziegler, woodwind multi-instrumentalist Paquito D'Rivera and bassist Pablo Aslan, the union of jazz and tango has been made complete over the last several decades. Tango music, which like jazz has had a long and complex history ...

Roger Davidson: Brazilian Love Song

Read "Brazilian Love Song" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Le commistioni di musiche brasiliane e jazz non sono una ricetta moderna. La bossa nova e Stan Getz sono ormai dei classici della musica, qualcun altro ci ha provato con la samba e gli altri ritmi “carioca". Roger Davidson presenta soltanto sue composizioni ispirate al Brasile ed alle sue atmosfere con titoli che sono tutto un programma ...

Roger Davidson & David Finck: Umbrellas & Sunshine

Read "Umbrellas & Sunshine" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Many people never take the time to truly say how they feel about important people in their lives until it's too late. The same holds true in the jazz community. Posthumous tributes pour out of magazines, newspapers and websites, and are delivered via recordings when important figures of the music pass on, but something resonates more ...


Raùl Jaurena: Fuerza Milonguera

Read "Fuerza Milonguera" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

L'uruguagio Raùl Jaurena è certo una figura degna di nota nell'attuale panorama del tango. Ce lo dice con chiarezza questo bel disco, inciso a Montevideo nel 2008 alla testa del suo largo ensemble, forte di ben quattro bandoneon e altrettanti archi (più contrabbasso), un dispiegamento di forze cui peraltro si ricorre solo qua e là nel corso dei quattordici ...