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Carol Morgan Trio: Opening

Read "Opening" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Trumpeter Carol Morgan has a smile as big as her Texas home, and chops expertly informed by Ingrid Jensen, among others, at Juilliard. She has been a fixture in the DIVA Jazz Orchestra (with Sharel Cassity). Additionally, Morgan heads the quintet, Carol Morgan's Case Study, featuring pianist Helen Sung and Guitarist Mike Moreno, and Morgana' Organic ...

Carol Morgan Trio: Opening

Read "Opening" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

Opening is an album so rich in the intricacies of melody that it never fails to surprise at every turn. The saddest aspect of the album is that it is all too short. But the biggest surprise of all is Carol Morgan, a trumpeter who seems to have awakened the urge to find parallels in phrasing ...

Carol Morgan: Opening

Read "Opening" reviewed by Andrew Lienhard

Trumpeter Carol Morgan began her career in the world of classical conservatories. Around the time she received her M.A. from Julliard, however, she decided to pursue a different path. A decade later, Morgan was found headlining a jazz trio at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola in New York City, mere walking distance from the hallowed Lincoln Center practice ...


Mathias Kielholz-Sunny Strings: Opening

Read "Opening" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Mathias Kielholz è un chitarrista svizzero che non soffre le divisioni di genere. Anzi, a ben guardare, utilizza il panorama degli stili musicali come una perfetta tavolozza di colori in cui intingire la sua creatività. Dopo un paio di esperienze fatte con gruppi locali ethno-folk (Echo) o in band free jazz (Kieloor Entartet o i Bermuda Viereck di Martin ...