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Claudio Scolari: Colors of Red Island

Read "Colors of Red Island" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

There is a wonderful, sweeping cinematic quality to Colors of Red Island. With ghostly bass drum bombs and the clack of steady rim-shots that precedes an ethereal undulating piano lick mimicked by an equally ethereal trumpet, the music unfolds; a soundtrack that accompanies an artist's journey towards a Utopian setting, not far from earth, but at ...


Claudio Scolari: Colors Of Red Island

Read "Colors Of Red Island" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Colors Of Red Island is a percussion-driven album--unsurprisingly, given that Claudio Scolari and his collaborator Daniele Cavalca are both drummers and percussionists of some considerable talent. Scolari and Cavalca are also talented composers, with a sophisticated ability to blend acoustic and electronic sounds in ways that emphasize the beauty of each and never risk the album ...