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Label: Jazzed Media
Released: 2010
Track listing: A Lot to Remember; Peculiar Universe; I Forgot To Have Children; Old at 18/Dog Bowl; Perugia; Things I Learned in High School; Two Desperate Women in Their Late 30s; The Girl With the Lazy Eye; How Did We End Up Here?; Scrabble; I Always Had a Thing For You.


Lorraine Feather: Ages

Read "Ages" reviewed by Nicholas F. Mondello

It is immediately evident listening to the work of lyricist-vocalist Lorraine Feather that she is a gracious, respectful lover of words. As a brilliant writer and performer, she revels in the power, dynamic intricacies, kooky parallels, and yin-yangs of words and funhouse-mirror entendres. And when she adds to that love a sensitive vocal style that is ...


Lorraine Feather: Ages

Read "Ages" reviewed by Dr. Judith Schlesinger

Lorraine Feather, daughter of famous jazz critic Leonard Feather, is a seven-time Emmy nominee who once sang backup for Petula Clark and Grand Funk Railroad and has released eight well-received recordings of her own, including Language, (Jazzed Media, 2008). It does not diminish her musicality, charm, or wit to say that, more often than not, Ages ...


Lorraine Feather: Ages

Read "Ages" reviewed by AAJ Staff

As the daughter of respected jazz critic, Leonard Feather, Lorraine Feather comes to her jazz pedigree honestly, but more from natural talent than dogged filial loyalty. In possession of a pure, rich voice, she tried acting--along with some discouraging stints in the food industry--before finding her multi-colored niche in singing and composing. Ages, about the epochs ...


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