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The American Dream

Label: Mode Records
Released: 2012
Track listing: Eva Kant; Django; Cinque Bambole; The Sundown / San Antonio Mission; Deep Deep Down; Tiffany Sequence; Blood And Black Lace; Drivin Decoy; Secret Agent Man.


Marco Cappelli's Italian Surf Academy: The American Dream

Read "The American Dream" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il gotha degli autori italiani di musica da film, periodo fine anni sessanta inizio settanta, riunito in questa incisione dal chitarrista Marco Cappelli che, con quei film e con quella musica, è cresciuto, sognando praterie sconfinate, cavalieri intrepidi, surfisti spericolati impegnati in evoluzioni sotto lo sguardo ammiccante di ragazze mozzafiato. E naturalmente le chitarre dei Beach ...


Marco Cappelli: The American Dream

Read "The American Dream" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Things get lost in translation. It's inevitable, and it's not just words and meaning. Cultural things morph. Take a Venetian or Roman to an Olive Garden restaurant in America and she won't recognize much on the menu, or send an American to Puglia with the task of finding a pizza pocket. Some things just don't translate.

The American Dream

Label: Red Piano Records
Released: 2009
Track listing: We Get Crazy; Speech; Names; "There..."; The American Dream; Loop; Echo I; Sentences; Time; Echo II; Be At That; If Ever There Is.

The American Dream

Label: What Records
Released: 2009
Track listing: 01. We Get Crazy; 02. Speech; 03. Names; 04. " There..."; 05. The American Dream; 06. Loop; 07. Echo I; 08. Sentences; 09. Time; 10. Echo II; 11. Be at That; 12. If Ever There Is. Testi di Robert Creeley e musica di Frank Carlberg.


Frank Carlberg: The American Dream

Read "The American Dream" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Si contano numerosi e piuttosto riusciti gli omaggi da parte del mondo jazzistico all'arte poetica di Robert Creeley. Ultimo in ordine di tempo quel So There a nome Steve Swallow, che vide esibirsi Creeley pochi giorni prima della sua scomparsa. The American Dream è un poema in dodici parti basato su altrettante liriche di Robert Creeley, ...


Frank Carlberg: The American Dream

Read "The American Dream" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

The poetry of Robert Creeley (1926-2005) has been arranged a few times in jazz settings and acknowledges the music's strong influence on his work. The late saxophonist Steve Lacy arranged the introspective and laconic verses of Creeley into an almost operatic setting in Futurities (Hat Hut, 1985) and later on The Beat Suite (Universal, 2003). In ...


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