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Oscar Peñas: From Now On

Read "From Now On" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Oscar Peñas è nato a Barcellona, ma risiede negli Stati Uniti da parecchio tempo. Sull'asse Spagna-America si è sviluppata la sua carriera e anche la sua musica ne ha risentito positivamente. Il suo primo viaggio verso gli States è stato per diplomarsi alla Berklee School, poi il ritorno a Barcellona per cominciare la sua vera carriera jazzistica ...


Oscar Penas: From Now On

Read "From Now On" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

The music on From Now On is modern jazz marinated in the seductive flavors of Spain and South America. Guitarist Oscar Peñas' path lead him from Barcelona to Brooklyn, NY, and this geographic duality is ever-present in the intriguing blend of music that's presented on this, his debut for BJU records.

While Iberian-influenced ...


Nobuki Takamen: From Now On

Read "From Now On" reviewed by Dave Major

Breaking into the jazz scene as a guitarist is a tough move, with the icons of old standing reverently on high shelves, and the next big thing always out there somewhere awaiting discovery. While debut albums can impress and amaze, it's the follow-ups which cause genuine excitement. From Now On, the second release by Japanese guitarist ...