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Lotte Anker - Sylvie Courvoisier - Ikue Mori: Alien Huddle

Read "Alien Huddle" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

E' sempre una sfida per la mente ed un piacere per il cuore imbattersi nelle manipolazioni elettroniche di Ikue Mori. Perché sotto le sapienti dita della musicista di origine giapponese, microchips, stringhe, byte, algoritmi e quant'altro si trasformano in materia viva, palpitante, con un'anima che esprime sentimenti e tocca le corde profonde delle emozioni. Si susseguono ...


Lotte Anker / Sylvie Courvoisier / Ikue Mori: Alien Huddle

Read "Alien Huddle" reviewed by Ted Gordon

On the face of it, Alien Huddle may seem like another notch on the belt for three well-seasoned veterans of experimental improvised music--each with her own language, capturing their collaboration and conversation in the studio, rather than in a club. Yet the experience of listening to this album proves that the meeting of these three musicians ...


Anker / Courvoisier / Mori: Alien Huddle

Read "Alien Huddle" reviewed by Nic Jones

There is something palpably happening in this program of improvisation which lends it distinction. In this trio of reeds, piano, and electronics it's not by any means the latter that is what might be called the rogue element. Instead the coalescence of the music as well as its frenetic moments provide its considerable substance. There's no ...


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