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Angles: Every Woman Is a Tree

Read "Every Woman Is a Tree" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Musicista che si muove con grande curiosità su diversi piani di linguaggio - da quello più aderente alla tradizione free, come nel caso degli Exploding Customers, a quello più radicale che esplora le tecniche meno convenzionali dello strumento - il sassofonista svedese Martin Küchen non nasconde mai una matrice “politica" che contribuisce a muovere il suo universo ...


Angles: Every Woman Is A Tree

Read "Every Woman Is A Tree" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Good can triumph over evil. It's just that evil is just so well organized by the political parties, oil corporations, and media conglomerates that the voice of dissent is often overshadowed. Like Woody Guthrie or Charles Mingus utilizing music to protest the sins of their time, today, bubbling in between the cracks of popular culture is ...


Angles: Every Woman is a Tree

Read "Every Woman is a Tree" reviewed by Dean Christesen

Every Woman is a Tree is dedicated to the women of Iraq, whose children cling to their branches for protection during this time of war. It asks the brutal question of what happens to the children when the branches are cut and the tree is killed, as well as questions of leadership and societal upbringing. The ...