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Tyrant Lizard: Tyrant Lizard

Read "Tyrant Lizard" reviewed by Paul Rauch

Tyrant Lizard is a trio that evolved from the Improvised Music Project at the University of Washington in Seattle, a program that exists as both an artistic movement and registered student organization led by eclectic modernist trumpeter and composer, Cuong Vu. Each of the three musicians are truly original voices of their respective craft, featuring trumpeter ...


John Seman: The Story of Monktail

Read "John Seman: The Story of Monktail" reviewed by Jack Gold-Molina

The director and cofounder of Monktail Creative Music Concern with drummer Mark Ostrowski, bassist/composer John Seman has spent much of his childhood and his entire adult life defining this band and his musical direction. A highly educated player with the kind of street sense that can only be gained through constant performing, recording and touring, he ...


Michael Bisio: Stepping Into the Limelight

Read "Michael Bisio: Stepping Into the Limelight" reviewed by Gregory Applegate Edwards

Bassist Michael Bisio has become an increasingly visual and aural presence on the jazz/improvisation scene in the time since he moved from the west coast to New York. Yet he has been a significant contributor in jazz circles for years, and success was no overnight thing. Among other ongoing associations, Bisio is currently the bassist in ...


Interview | Wally Shoup

Interview | Wally Shoup

On Wednesday, March 23, Ars Nova Workshop presents a trio performance by saxophonist Wally Shoup, violinist/electronicist C. Spencer Yeh, and percussionist Ben Hall at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery. Shoup, who is also a visual artist and writer, has worked with many leading experimental musicians, including LaDonna Smith, Evan Parker, Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, Nels Cline, Reuben Radding, and Chris Corsano. Based in Seattle ...


The 22nd Edition of Earshot Jazz Festival: October 15 to November 7, 2010

Seattle's annual Earshot Jazz Festival returns October 15 and continues through November 7 with more than 50 distinctive concert events in venues all around the city. "Seattle's most important annual jazz event" —Downbeat Known for “adventurous, spot-on programming" (Jazz Times) and praised as “one of the best festivals in America" (Seattle Times) the Earshot Jazz Festival brings jazz ...

Mary Halvorson, Reuben Radding & Nate Wooley: Crackleknob

Read "Crackleknob" reviewed by Troy Collins

A compelling example of evenhanded group improvisation, the self-titled debut of the collective trio Crackleknob demonstrates the sort of congenial rapport fueled by longstanding friendships. Up and coming improvisers on the nascent Brooklyn scene, guitarist Mary Halvorson, bassist Reuben Radding and trumpeter Nate Wooley first played as a trio four years ago. Since then, they have ...


Shoup - Burns - Radding - Campbell: The Levitation Shuffle

Read "The Levitation Shuffle" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

È sempre più evidente che nel corso dei decenni l'improvvisazione radicale, suo malgrado, si è consolidata in un vero e proprio genere musicale, con un suo codice riconoscibile, con proprie modalità tecnico-espressive ricorrenti. Molte esperienze, in Europa, negli States e in definitiva in ogni angolo del mondo, sono accomunate da procedimenti analoghi: l'esigenza di ricercare ed inserire sonorità e pronunce eterodosse, ...

Wally Shoup Trio: Blue Purge

Read "Blue Purge" reviewed by Germein Linares

The Seattle-based group of alto saxophonist Wally Shoup, bassist Reuben Radding, and drummer Bob Rees offers eleven diverse and intense improvisational pieces on Blue Purge. This followup to 2003's Fusillades and Lamentations finds various moods in its path as it progresses from the wobbly “Ruffing It" to the playful “Depth Charge," the serene “Gut Luv," and ...