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ECM Records Announces Change in Name, Direction

Read "ECM Records Announces Change in Name, Direction" reviewed by Geno Thackara

European label turns its eye toward the future as EDM.

ECM Records will mark its golden anniversary with a defining change in direction, according to an announcement released today. After operating as Edition of Contemporary Music since its small-scale beginning in 1969, the eclectic European label has confirmed plans to adopt the new title ...


Steve Tibbetts: Life Of

Read "Life Of" reviewed by Mario Calvitti

Pochi musicisti sono così sfuggenti a ogni tentativo di categorizzazione come il chitarrista americano Steve Tibbetts. La sua musica, da lui descritta come 'neo-primitivismo postmoderno' trae le sue origini inizialmente dal folk-rock sperimentale, spostandosi poi sempre più verso una dimensione world-ambient (nutrita dal profondo interesse dell'artista verso la musica nepalese e tibetana) realizzata attraverso una costante ...


Steve Tibbetts: Life Of

Read "Life Of" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Minnesota-based guitarist Steve Tibbetts has always gone his own way, crafting his albums in the recording studio with deliberate care. Many of those albums have featured his scorching electric-guitar playing, for example Exploded View (ECM, 1986) and the later A Man About a Horse (ECM, 2002). But beginning with his previous album, Natural Causes (ECM, 2010), ...


Steve Tibbetts: “Northern Song” and the Sounds of Silence

Read "Steve Tibbetts: “Northern Song” and the Sounds of Silence" reviewed by Rob Caldwell

It's a chilly, overcast afternoon in jny: Oslo, Norway in late October 1981. This close to the Arctic Circle, the days are already rapidly shortening with winter's approach, the sun beginning to disappear over the horizon by mid-afternoon. In a darkened studio, guitarist Steve Tibbetts, percussionist Marc Anderson, producer and ECM Records head Manfred Eicher, along ...


Chris Schlarb: Psychic Temples

Read "Chris Schlarb: Psychic Temples" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Truck driver, husband, father, and law-abiding citizen by day, Chris Schlarb presumably dons a cape at other moments that transforms him, if not quite into the savior of creative music, at the very least into the creator of other-worldly sounds of singular vision and exceptional beauty. Guitarist, composer, and founder of independent record label Sounds Are ...


Steve Tibbetts: Natural Causes

Read "Natural Causes" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tra i tanti artisti originali presenti nel catalogo ECM, Steve Tibbets è sicuramente uno dei più difficili da inquadrare. La sua musica è sempre risultata estremamente personale, con elementi di folk, rock, world, elettronica e ambient amalgamati in un modo assolutamente unico e originale. I suoi lavori nascono tutti nel suo studio di registrazione personale a St.Paul, nel Minnesota, con il ...


Domina Catrina Lee: Songs From The Breastbone Drum

Read "Domina Catrina Lee: Songs From The Breastbone Drum" reviewed by Robert Bush

Domina Catrina Lee

Songs From The Breastbone Drum

Self Produced


Singaporean guitarist and composer Domina Catrina Lee is not a household name. In a more just universe, she would be. Lee possesses a seemingly infinite musical imagination. Working with a computer and a “budget" acoustic guitar, Lee has crafted a ...


Steve Tibbetts: Natural Causes

Read "Natural Causes" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Although guitarist/composer Steve Tibbetts and Marc Anderson have collaborated since the late 1970s--the percussionist has played on every one of Tibbetts ECM releases--this is their first duo recording since Northern Song (ECM, 1982). That album employed silence as a sideman, and although there is less outright pause on Natural Causes, the same soothing, meditative ambiance forms ...


JazzWeek Radio Chart: August 2, 2010

TW LW 2W Artist TWLW Move Add Rpts Peak Wks 1 2 17Kenny Burrell Be Yourself (HighNote) 205 176 +29 2 53 13 2 1 1 Curtis Fuller I Will Tell Her (Capri) 182 199-17 0 50 1 7 3 6 7 Dr. Lonnie Smith Spiral (Palmetto)157 154 +3 0 55 1 11 4 1849 Michael Dease Grace ...


Steve Tibbetts: Natural Causes

Read "Natural Causes" reviewed by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

First things first: this is a mellow record. A very mellow record. Not Ben Webster mellow, or Antonio Carlos Jobim mellow, or Morton Feldman mellow, but rather, a record of music depicting a kind of quietism: profoundly passive contemplation. And it's not clear that quietism is a direction all jazz fans will want to go.