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Alex Machacek/Jeff Sipe/Matthew Garrison: Improvision

Read "Improvision" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Outstanding musicianship, even if as a gift from the gods, is no guarantee in itself of a successful musical collaboration. Intuition, empathy and a good ear are, however, essential. So it was clearly an auspicious weekend when guitarist Alex Machacek, bassist Matthew Garrison and drummer Jeff Sipe combined the aforementioned qualities in abundance at the behest ...


Alex Machacek / Jeff Sipe / Matt Garrison: Improvision

Read "Improvision" reviewed by John Kelman

With two of 2006's best fusion records and three fine releases already out in 2007, Abstract Logix is rapidly transitioning from online storefront to bonafide record label. Austrian-born, Los Angeles-based guitarist Alex Machacek's [sic] (2006) was a stunning album that, along with the kind of virtuoso playing that would send most guitarists running for ...