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The Claudia Quintet: For

Read "For" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

The Claudia Quintet has been evolving and shaping its music, creating a potent and forceful presence. They do it with graceful finesse; working the elements to let melody get its due and improvisation mark its presence. Think of the quintet as a minstrel of joy and the charm of their music becomes apparent. Theirs is a ...


The Claudia Quintet: For

Read "For" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Drummer John Hollenbeck's Claudia Quintet has created a sound. Let's not call it jazz, or chamber music, or rock for that matter. It is the Claudia sound, period. The trouble, of course with being original, is that the pigeon-holers cannot pigeonhole you and the radio folks won't play you. But then, everyone with an ear for ...


The Claudia Quintet: For

Read "For" reviewed by Tom Greenland

It's a challenge to describe the Claudia Quintet's sound: there are patent references, but distinct departures from these references as well. For, their newest project on Cuneiform, reunites Drew Gress (bass), John Hollenbeck (drums and electronica), Matt Moran (vibes), Ted Reichman (accordion) and Chris Speed (clarinet and tenor sax), continuing a trajectory established on three previous ...


The Claudia Quintet: For

Read "For" reviewed by John Kelman

While it's invariably the intention of any group to make each new record an improvement or, at least, an evolution over the last one, it's rare that it actually happens with inevitable consistency. Bucking the trend since its eponymous 2001 CRI debut, percussionist/composer John Hollenbeck's Claudia Quintet has managed to make each successive release somehow different ...


The Claudia Quintet: For

Read "For" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Un nome che evoca seriosi ensemble cameristici, un gruppo di improvvisatori con un background che copre tutto l’arco costituzionale di generi e stili musicali, una combinazione di strumenti acustici alquanto insolita dalle potenzialità sconosciute e dagli sviluppi imprevedibili. The Claudia Quintet, l’ennesima formazione del vulcanico e poliedrico John Hollenbeck, nata nel 1997 dalla ceneri del trio ...


Claudia Quintet: For

Read "For" reviewed by Troy Collins

The brainchild of percussionist John Hollenbeck, the Claudia Quintet has navigated the boundary lines between free jazz, contemporary composition, progressive rock and electronica so successfully that its output is virtually uncategorizable. For, the aptly titled fourth album from the ceaselessly inventive group, offers a slight departure from its last record. Semi-Formal (Cuneiform, 2005), used ...


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