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The O'My's: Tomorrow

Read "Tomorrow" reviewed by John Bricker

Tomorrow, a neo-soul album from the Chicago duo The O'My's, is a mellow lavishly-arranged gem. Across their third album's half an hour, vocalist and guitarist Maceo Vidal-Haymes and keyboardist Nick Hennessey deliver smooth and subtle instrumentation with evocative vocal performances.

The O'My's shine brightest when working with other Chicago musicians, creating simple, soulful backdrops ...

Ira Hill: Tomorrow

Read "Tomorrow" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Ira Hill. Remember that name, for you're likely to see it in print a lot more in the future. While this up-and-comer was still in his late teens when this album was recorded and released, you'd never know that from a blind listen. His debonair delivery, sure-voiced scatting, and all-around taste belie his years. And the ...

Aleks Girshevich Trio: Tomorrow

Read "Tomorrow" reviewed by Florence Wetzel

The word “prodigy" comes from the Latin prodigium, which means “sign" or “portent." Jazz boasts its fair share of these exceptional individuals, including drummer Tony Williams, pianist Keith Jarrett, saxophonist Grace Kelly and Trombone Shorty. Folks on the Colorado music scene have been talking for years about the tremendously talented drummer Aleks Girshevich, who was born ...

Susan Weinert: Tomorrow

Read "Tomorrow" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

The powerful team of guitarists Martin and Susan Weinert is probably better known for their progressive fusion recordings dating back to Bottom Line (Intuition, 1996) and Point of View (Intuition, 1999). But in recent years they've proven to be equally formidable in an acoustic setting. Tomorrow's Dream , rekindles the fire of their memorable acoustic duo ...