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Club D’Elf: Now I Understand

Read "Now I Understand" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

“Now I Understand” era il titolo del brano che apriva As Above, il primo album del gruppo Club D’Elf, un disco davvero raro pubblicato nel 2000 da Live Archive, che riportava registrazioni dal vivo raccolte nel locale Lizard Lounge di Cambridge, alle porte di Boston. Sono passati sei anni e quelle tre parole, una frase che evidentemente è ...


Club d'Elf: Now I Understand

Read "Now I Understand" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

About eight years ago, composer/bassist Mike Rivard began leading a “floating residency in Cambridge, Massachusetts, organized around the rhythm section, which pulsed behind a kaleidoscope of horn, keyboard, percussion and guitar players. After seven live releases, Rivard has finally shepherded his “ever-changing performance ensemble into its first studio album.

No fewer than 25 musicians ...


Club D'Elf: Now I Understand

Read "Now I Understand" reviewed by Nic Jones

This music takes its time, and only repeated exposure to its delights reveals the depth of its identity. There is an overriding sense of construction behind the entire programme of Now I Understand, which perhaps stems from the fact that it's made up from both real-time and collaged parts. It takes in elements of dance music ...