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Label: Origin Records
Released: 2018
Track listing: Blues For Wayne; I Think Of You; Ablution; In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning; Sugar Cliff; Memory; Improvisation #3; Bemsha Swing; My Ideal; Stay Awake.


Dawn Clement: Tandem

Read "Tandem" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

It only takes one listen to Tandem to understand that pianist-vocalist Dawn Clement is a people person with a penchant for trying different things. That openness to various individuals and action points shows itself to be the heart of this collection of duo performances. Despite being a prominent presence on the Seattle scene, ...


Released: 2011
Track listing: 1. Ila' s Blues; 2. Estate; 3. Quello che non ti ho detto; 4. Here There and Everywhere; 5. Beautiful Love; 6. Memories; 7. Blue Room; 8. Song for my Friends; 9. Il cielo in una stanza; 10. Talea; 11. Mi sono innamorato di te; 12. Cordon Blues.


Marco Poggiolesi - Ferdinando Romano: Tandem

Read "Tandem" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tandem traduce in musica il percorso intrapreso dal chitarrista Marco Poggiolesi e dal bassista Ferdinando Romano, due musicisti preparati, affiatati e vogliosi di esprimere attraverso le loro composizioni, ed alcuni standard, un punto di vista emozionale. Dodici brani in scaletta che indagano diversi territori stilistici. A cominciare da quello della tradizione cantautorale italiana, con la cantabilità ...


Label: Splasc(H) Records
Released: 2007
Track listing: 01. The Touch of Your Lips (R. Noble); 02. How Long This Has Been Going On? (G. Gershwin); 03. Softly as in the Morning Sunrise (Romberg/Hammerstein)-04. Con Alma (J. Gillespie); 05. Isola (G. Manusardi); 06. The Peacocks (J. Rowles); 07. Yesterdays (J. Kern); 08. Pulcinella (G. Manusardi); 09. Sorrow (G. Manusardi); 10. The Girl To Say: I Love You (M. Abbate); 11. Everything Happens To Me (Carmichel/Mercier).


Guido Manusardi - Yuri Goloubev: Tandem

Read "Tandem" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il pianista Guido Manusardi continua a realizzare per la Splasc(h) opere di grande spessore, sottese da uno spiccato senso di ricerca ed introspezione riflessiva. Dopo la recente pubblicazione di una sua incisione scandinava degli anni '70 (Formidouble!), è ora la volta di una superba collaborazione con il contrabbassista russo Yuri Goloubev: un virtuoso del proprio strumento, ...


Label: Echoes of Swing Productions
Released: 2006
Track listing: Shake It And Break It; I Adore You; Everything I


Bernd Lhotzky and Chris Hopkins: Tandem

Read "Tandem" reviewed by Mike Neely

Making a successful piano duet recording is a challenge. In addition to the performance, there is the issue of the recording process: getting the mix right and capturing both instruments with clarity. This is not an easy thing to do, as the evidence of many poorly recorded piano duets will attest. In addition, there's the task ...


Label: Sound Aspects Records
Released: 2002


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