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Brian Eno: Reflection

Read "Reflection" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

Composer and producer Brian Eno's ambient record Reflection truly goes to the mind and the heart in a quiet and seductive way. This hour long intriguing and captivating tapestry of carefully interwoven sounds conjures up landscapes of internal emotions that reflect the warmth and quiet of the first day of the new year when it was ...

Edward Neumeister: Reflection

Read "Reflection" reviewed by Celeste Sunderland

Combining Ed Neumeister's loose, flowing trombone lines with the organized counterpart of a tightly sewn rhythm section, a vibrant, balanced calm permeates Reflection. Mimicking the natural patterns of a day or a life, the album's rhythmic energy shifts smoothly within a single tune, or from track to track. The result never seems unwarranted; in fact, unexpected ...


Ed Neumeister Quartet: Reflection

Read "Reflection" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Quando subentra il rimpianto per il vecchio vinile... Cosa c’entra questo con Reflection di Ed Neumeister? C’entra, eccome! Perché l’ultima fatica discografica del trombonista di origine viennese, ma da anni residente negli Stati Uniti, sarebbe stato un piccolo capolavoro di grazia e di musicalità se solo avesse avuto venti minuti in meno rispetto ai quasi sessantacinque della registrazione. ...


Ed Neumeister: Reflection

Read "Reflection" reviewed by Budd Kopman

I am embarrassed to say that Ed Neumeister is a new name to me, since he is a master trombonist who plays the instrument with a tone and facility that almost belies its membership in the brass family.

Neumeister is a veteran of many large groups, including Mel Lewis' big band, the Vanguard ...


Ed Neumeister Quartet: Reflection

Read "Reflection" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

After twenty years in New York, trombonist Ed Neumeister went expatriate in 1999, moving his family to Vienna, Austria; he now holds the position of Professor of Trombone studies at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Granz, Austria. A veteran of many top big bands led by Duke Ellington Orchestra, Lionel Hampton, Buddy Rich ...