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Leo Blanco: Haiku for Bells

Read "Leo Blanco: Haiku for Bells" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Leo Blanco is a musician who's immersed in the music of his South American homeland of Venezuela. The pianist may live in the USA--he teaches piano at Berklee--but his Venezuelan upbringing remains central to his work. It's a little surprising, then, to discover that Blanco isn't solely a product of Latin American culture. In conversation backstage ...


Leo Blanco: Pianoforte

Read "Pianoforte" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

The title of Leo Blanco's third album, Pianoforte, makes it clear: this is just one man and one piano. But it's an exceptional instrument, played by an exceptional musician.

Blanco's 2009 album Africa Latina (Ayva Musica) and 2004's self-produced Roots & Effect featured international ensembles including guitarist Lionel Loueke, bassist Peter Slavov, saxophonist Dave Liebman ...


Lakeland Jazz Festival 2013: Kirtland, Ohio, February 22-24

Read "Lakeland Jazz Festival 2013: Kirtland, Ohio, February 22-24" reviewed by Matt Marshall

41st Annual Lakeland Jazz Festival
Kirtland, Ohio
February 22-24, 2013

Scanning the list of guest artists who have appeared at the Lakeland Jazz Festival since its inception in 1973 reveals a history of acts with connections to the Northeast Ohio/Western Pennsylvania/Western New York area, with an internationally recognized name--Clark Terry, Donald Byrd, Kenny ...


6th Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barquisimeto

From October 1st till October 9th the most important International Jazz Festival will be celebrated. Barquisimeto will become the Jazz capital of Venezuela for the 6th consecutive year. This event will bring together leading exponents from the local and international music scene on various galas, concerts, conferences, lectures and jam sessions. The Opening Concert will be Saturday October 1st ...


Pianist/Composer Mina Cho's Debut CD, "Originality," Due Sept. 7

Pianist/Composer Mina Cho's Debut CD, "Originality," Due Sept. 7

Pianist Mina Cho was on track for a dazzling classical career when she first encountered gospel music as a university student in her native Seoul. She sought private study of her new passion, which led her to jazz, a scholarship at Berklee College of Music, and the recording of her first CD. The aptly-titled disc, Originality, ...


Leo Blanco: Africa Latina

Read "Africa Latina" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

The ubiquitous expression that is “world music" is becoming less relevant as musicians across the globe speak a common language that embraces varied cultures and people. Pianist, composer, and arranger Leo Blanco emphatically proves the point on Africa Latina, a mesmerizing recording that explores the unique connection between African and Venezuelan music.

Whereas ...