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Andrew Janak: Borrowed Time

Read "Borrowed Time" reviewed by Troy Dostert

Although Lincoln, Nebraska isn't yet ready to announce itself as a bona fide jazz mecca, it is home base for saxophonist Andrew Janak, who recently returned to his alma mater the University of Nebraska to pursue a doctoral degree in music after spending some time honing his craft in Chicago. Borrowed Time is his debut record ...


Colin Currie - Dave Maric: Borrowed Time

Read "Borrowed Time" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Dave Maric è un nome che dice molto in Francia e Inghilterra e che forse in Italia è ancora sconosciuto ai più. Compositore inglese di musica elettronica e acustica, Maric ha realizzato numerosi progetti nell’ambito del jazz, dell’improvvisazione, della musica elettronica e del pop, ottenendo rapidamente un grande successo in patria grazie alle collaborazioni con Kathia e Marielle Labèque, ...


Steve Khan: Borrowed Time

Read "Borrowed Time" reviewed by Woodrow Wilkins

To say that Steve Khan has been around would be an understatement. He's got more than twenty CDs as a bandleader or co-leader. And he's appeared as a studio guest on numerous releases by other artists, including Maynard Ferguson and Steely Dan. For the latter, Khan performed the brilliant closing solo on “Glamour Profession, from Gaucho ...


Steve Khan: Borrowed Time

Read "Borrowed Time" reviewed by Mark F. Turner

Time is elusive--passing slowly in a given moment or as fleeting as a precious memory. Between recordings, it had been almost ten years since guitarist Steve Khan released his acclaimed comeback CD The Green Field (Tone Center, 2006). Thankfully it didn't take another ten years to release Borrowed Time.

From the cover art ...


Steve Khan: Borrowed Time

Read "Borrowed Time" reviewed by John Kelman

Steve Khan's first record in nine years, The Green Field (Tone Center, 2006) was splendid, and represented an impressive combination of some of the guitarist's freest playing to date alongside the compelling Afro-Cuban grooves that have inspired him for years. Borrowed Time is even more ambitious, utilizing a larger cast and more expansive textures.

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee: Borrowed Time

Read "Borrowed Time" reviewed by Paul Olson

Bay Area bassist Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee writes in the liner notes to Borrowed Time, his second CD, that its music “grew out of a creative need to manifest the feelings [he] experienced becoming a father ; to convey “the joy, confusion, intimacy and sleeplessness of this defining period of life. I can't hear any of that on ...