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Art Lillard's On Time Trio at Sugarcane, Brooklyn

Read "Art Lillard's On Time Trio at Sugarcane, Brooklyn" reviewed by Tyran Grillo

Art Lillard's On Time Trio
Brooklyn, NY
June 24, 2015

Attend jazz performances in a big city like New York long enough, and you're liable to realize how often the genre serves as a background to social activities. By the same token, music which isn't always fully acknowledged can peek ...


Art Lillard's Heavenly Big Band: Certain Relationships

Read "Certain Relationships" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Drummer Art Lillard's Heavenly Big Band continues to spread sunshine and happiness on Certain Relationships, an album recorded in three sessions spanning the half-dozen years between 2005-2011. Of the fifteen selections, nine are vocals --by Pete McGuinness, Hilary Gardner, Andrea Wolper, Mary Foster Conklin or Dominique Eade. In Lillard's optimistic eyes, even the blues are gladsome ...


The September Concert: The Heart Of Jazz For 9/11- Now In Its 10th Year

The September Concert: The Heart of Jazz for 9/11- now in its 10th Year. On Thursday, September 11, 40 of NYC’s top jazz artists will meet at Somethin' Jazz Club, 212 E 52nd St. NYC from 7pm - 1am, to play their take on various facets of that wretched day & its aftermath. They’ll be playing ...


Art Lillard's Heavenly Band: Reasons to Be Thankful

Read "Reasons to Be Thankful" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Although drummer Art Lillard's Heavenly Band makes its home about as far from heaven as one could plausibly roam--New York City, to be precise--the music it produces on Reasons to Be Thankful (recorded in 2000 and released six years later) evokes at times an empyrean vibe, thanks in part to blissful arrangements by Lillard and guitarist ...

Art Lillard's Heavenly Big Band at Iridium on August 10

Art Lillard's Heavenly Big Band at Iridium on August 10

With guest sax soloist Bob Mover

1650 Broadway @ 51st Street
New York, NY


Tuesday, August 10
Sets at 8:00 and 10:00 P.M.
Tickets: $25

About Art Lillard Art Lillard is a musician with many gifts. In each of his musical roles--drummer, composer, arranger and bandleader--he shares with us his unique and refreshing contribution to ...


Art Lillard's Heavenly Band: Reasons To Be Thankful

Read "Reasons To Be Thankful" reviewed by Michael P. Gladstone

File this one under: Swingin' NYC Big Band! Drummer, bandleader and composer Art Lillard has been leading versions of this organization over the past nineteen years and has produced in Reasons To Be Thankful an upbeat and impressive album that exposes several talented and underappreciated musicians in the Big Apple. The thirteen selections are all Lillard ...


Art Lillard: Reasons to be Thankful

Read "Reasons to be Thankful" reviewed by Jim Santella

Recorded in 2000, this session by Art Lillard's big band combines lively swing and a traditional mainstream essence into one original package. Lillard and members of his organization wrote the music for this romping program. Lillard, a drummer, leads the band with a swinging rhythmic foundation and comfortable strides. He brings in vocal soloists for six ...