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Benoit Delbecq: Phonetics

Read "Phonetics" reviewed by Francis Lo Kee

Benoît Delbecq is a unique and diligent musical explorer who deserves your listening attention. Phonetics and some recent performances provide a helpful introduction to two very developed aspects of his musical being.

In his solo piano playing (heard at the Jazz Gallery last month) Delbecq used a prepared piano technique that turned his ...

Benoit Delbecq Unit: Phonetics

Read "Phonetics" reviewed by AAJ Staff

After two relatively stripped-down efforts, the duo Dice Thrown (Songlines, 2002) and solo Nu-Turn (Songlines, 2003), Parisian pianist Benoit Delbecq returns with a quintet for Phonetics, taking full advantage of the extended range of his group--stylistically, timbrally, and texturally. Delbecq's music draws from several diverse traditions, including the often counterintuitive constructs of modern classical music, the ...

Benoit Delbecq Unit: Phonetics

Read "Phonetics" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

What a wonderful band that pianist Benoit Delbecq has put together! This finely synchonized unit creates an exceptional ensemble sound with its dark, moody tones and circuitous melodies, playing music that sounds as if it were conceived in a cave, in murky shadows and cool and dry air. An unusual timbral mix--viola and tenor saxophone--sets the ...


Benoit Delbecq Unit: Phonetics

Read "Phonetics" reviewed by John Kelman

With an approach blending hypnotic rhythms and free-flowing improvisation with a new music sensibility that examines more oblique and mathematically precise melodies, Benoit Delbecq has already gained a certain degree of notoriety in his native France for his work with prepared piano and his four previous Songlines releases. This time around he gathers an international cast, ...