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Esbjorn Svensson: Viaticum

Read "Viaticum" reviewed by Renato Wardle

The Esbjörn Svensson Trio, a self-proclaimed “pop group that plays jazz," exists in between the musical realms of the ECM juggernaut Bobo Stenson Trio and art rockers Radiohead. Viaticum represents a culmination of years of relentless cooperative musical discovery for the group, which has been together since 1993.

This music, possessed of a cinematic ...


The Esbj: Viaticum

Read "Viaticum" reviewed by Woodrow Wilkins

While the piano-led trio is one of the staples of jazz, it can conform to tradition so much that it fails to connect with listeners on an emotional level. Not so with E.S.T. This Scandinavian group adheres to the form just enough to be considered a jazz trio, but between original compositions and sound enhancements that ...


The Esbj: Viaticum

Read "Viaticum" reviewed by Sergio Masferrer

The Esbjörn Svensson Trio stayed hidden to my ears until I discovered the existence of Viaticum. The impact of this recording is immediate: it belongs to a new jazz school, in which I don't know who's the teacher and who's the pupil, but where we can find the names of Brad Mehldau--with his Art Of The ...


The Esbjorn Svensson Trio (e.s.t.): Viaticum

Read "Viaticum" reviewed by John Kelman

Together now for over a dozen years, e.s.t. has clearly developed a number of personal stylistic markers. Blending improvisation with a distinct pop sensibility that includes subtle use of electronics--with the exception of Dan Berglund's aggressive fuzztone arco bass--the trio has honed a sound incorporating elements of drum 'n' bass, electronica, funk, pop, classical and rock, ...