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James Blood Ulmer: In And Out

Read "In And Out" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

The title of this record is simultaneously a tip of the hat toward the record label which released it and an appropriate explanation of the music contained within. James Blood Ulmer's sound resides at the crossroads where Jimi Hendrix's blues-rock collides with Ornette Coleman's music; where gutsy blues songs meet the avant-garde. His voice bears some ...


James Blood Ulmer: In and Out

Read "In and Out" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Per questo ottimo album registrato in Germania nell'agosto del 2008 il chitarrista americano James Blood Ulmer sceglie la formula del power trio cara a Jimi Hendrix: chitarra, basso e batteria. Semplice, diretta, lineare. Difficile sbagliare, facile cadere nella routine. Ma questo pericolo viene scansato abilmente dalla vena creativa del sessantasettenne musicista che ha percorso un tracciato davvero originale ...


Carlos Johnson: In and Out

Read "In and Out" reviewed by Jim Santella

Carlos Johnson's original “In and Out" speaks of relationships and the kind of personal issues that affect us on a daily basis. It gets in your bloodstream and stays with you everywhere you go. There's no way of forgetting about it, so he sings about how we feel. His passionate interpretation hits home, and you can't ...