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Max Johnson: The Prisoner

Read "The Prisoner" reviewed by Libero Farnè

L'emergente Max Johnson, cresciuto nel New Jersey e stabilitosi a New York, dopo una seria formazione e una gavetta al fianco di alcuni dei più bei nomi dell'avanguardia s'inserisce di diritto nell'ormai vasta schiera di validi contrabbassisti-leader dell'attuale scena jazzistica internazionale. Questa sua suite s'ispira ad un serial programmato dalla televisione britannica nel 1968 e rivisto ...


Max Johnson: The Prisoner

Read "The Prisoner" reviewed by John Sharpe

NYC-based bassist Max Johnson already boasts an impressively strong discography, after just two entries: Quartet (Not Two, 2013) and Elevated Vegetation (FMR, 2012). With a new crew on board for The Prisoner, he tackles that hoary chestnut the concept album. Except of course that in the medium of jazz, this doesn't mean a string of banal ...


Max Johnson Quartet: The Prisoner

Read "The Prisoner" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Double bassist Max Johnson's new suite The Prisoner is inspired by the futuristic British cult TV series from the end of the sixties by the same name. This series was a source of inspiration for many artists, among them The Clash, Iron Maiden, and avant-garde sound artist David Shea. New York-based Johnson assembled a quartet of ...


Herbie Hancock: The Prisoner

Read "The Prisoner" reviewed by Jon Opstad

The opening “I Have a Dream" from this, Hancock's final (1969) session for the Blue Note label, is arguably his finest piece of ensemble writing on record. Although the remaining tracks don't quite reach the same peak of creativity and musicianship, the album remains one of Hancock's most essential.

The setting is a nonet and is ...