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Michael Jaeger Kerouac: Dance Around in Your Bones

Read "Dance Around in Your Bones" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Zurich-based saxophonist Michael Jaeger and his band Kerouac have been a well-known entity in the European progressive jazz community amid alternating personnel since 2006. Jaeger is a musical voyager and covers a broad sound-design spectrum, steeped in prismatic colorations and the axiomatic peaks and valleys. Rather uncannily, the musicians impart numerous variables as they shape a ...


Michael Jaeger Kerouac - Outdoors (Intakt)

Michael Jaeger's ensemble makes explicit reference to one of the founding fathers of Beat poetry, but the Swiss tenorist is also careful to note that his actual inspiration source rests in the Dizzy Gillespie's composition of the same title. Now five years on since their inception the foursome is well-oiled improvisation machine. Pianist Vincent Membrez, bassist ...