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Kevin Hays & Lionel Loueke: Hope

Read "Hope" reviewed by Geno Thackara

It would have been easy to leave well enough alone. Kevin Hays and Lionel Loueke made a delightful recording the first time around--a most happy clash of hemispheres blending urban jazz and world-folk balladry, crossing upbeat piano with lively scat- singing, frisky African rhythm play and much more. Nonetheless, a slot with Edition Records offered them ...


Kevin Hays / Lionel Loueke: Hope

Read "Hope" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

New York/Paris-based Newvelle Records, the vinyl-only subscription label, is well into its second season of six planned releases. The second of these albums is the Kevin Hays and Lionel Loueke duo outing, Hope. Pianist Hays plays with his namesake trio as well as the Bill Stewart Trio and has worked with Sonny Rollins, Benny Golson, Ron ...


Greg Tardy: Hope

Read "Hope" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Mantenere viva una tradizione artistica, esaltandola e rinnovandone i valori, non è così secondario rispetto a innovare.
Nato a New Orleans cinquant'anni fa, cresciuto artisticamente sotto la tutela di Ellis Marsalis, Greg Tardy è uno dei migliori sassofonisti della sua generazione e da alcuni anni s'è legato alla SteepleChase (questo è il settimo disco ...


Matt Jorgensen + 451: Hope

Read "Hope" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Do they still give out Grammy Awards for best cover art? If so, here's a nominee: a peaceful retriever in repose, chin on the floor, captured in a sanguine tone on Matt Jorgensen + 451's Hope.

A great cover, of course, does not a successful CD make. It's the music.

The music ...