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Cheryl Bentyne: Talk Of The Town

Read "Talk Of The Town" reviewed by Franz A. Matzner

Talk of the Town raises an interesting question for the jazz critic and consumer: how to evaluate a musical endeavor that so accurately, so skillfully, and so consciously resurrects a earlier stylistic periods that the notes seem to ring out from another era. Cheryl Bentyne’s surety of voice, the precision and skill of her accompaniment, and ...


Cheryl Bentyne: Talk of the Town

Read "Talk of the Town" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Before rounding out my list of the best jazz recordings of 2003 , I must make one addition. I had just received Cheryl Bentyne's Talk of the Town and was tempted to hold it over until 2004, and I am now most glad I did not. One quarter of the Manhattan Transfer, Ms. Bentyne ...