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Joshua Panda Compared to the Grateful Dead, the Band, Bob Dylan, Patsy Cline

Comparisons to The Grateful Dead, The Band, Bob Dylan, Patsy Cline, Kris Kristofferson for 25-Year Old Phenom Joshua Panda's Americana/Soul/Country/Zydeco/Folk Album is a Career-Shaping Winner "Panda's versatility and depth as a performer is matched by raw musical talent" 25-year old phenom Joshua Panda finds himself earning growing acclaim for his eponymous Americana/Soul/Country/Folk CD, with critics comparing his sound to such seminal artists ...


Joshua Panda's "Incredibly Soulful" CD Earns Raves; "Ultragifted"

Rave Early Reviews for Joshua Panda' Americana/Soul/Country/Folk CD Early reviews have described 25-year old phenom Joshua Panda's eponymous Americana/Soul/Country/Folk CD as “incredibly soulful" and “straight-up awesome," and have praised the singer's combustible on-stage presence, buzzing “the energy of his performances clearly is something he can't help, rather than something he inserts." “His delivery ranges from the most quiet of whispering lament ...