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Collective Bargaining: Threat or Menace? By Steve Provizer

You know the story: A guy is crawling on the ground looking for something under a lamp post. His friend comes up and says “Oh, is that where you dropped your wallet?" The guy replies," No, I dropped it over there, but this is where the light is." So, America has dropped its wallet and instead ...


"Ma Nuit Chez En Enfer. Or, a Night at the Movies" by Steve Provizer

Hollywood movies suck. Not only that, going to a multiplex theatre is one of the most dispiriting, depressing and irritating experiences imaginable. Yet, it's one to which Americans are sado-masochistically drawn by the millions. It's especially piquant to plunge in just after you've seen the Oscars; like turning over a beautiful moss-covered log in the forest ...



Dear Brilliant Corners peeps,. Matt Lavelle here.Anybody that has spent any time with me here on B.C. It's mad appreciated. My time here,.is at an end. Brother Chris Rich gave me my start as a writer by hooking me up right here on B.C. Chris suggested I become a regular contributor and then hooked me up ...


Unions-Bah! What Are They Good For?

This past weekend, the motley musical crowd I play with-The Second Line Social Aid Pleasure Society Brass Band (SLSAPS)- played at a rally at the MA State House in support of Wisconsin unions-and unions everywhere(put into decent context here) and at a rally for the Student Farmworker Alliance and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. Maybe it ...


Orange then Blue: Evanescent

Another video from the “Big Bands on the Edge" concert I produced at the Emerson Majestic Theatre in 1989, here is the group “Orange Then Blue," playing the song “Evanescent," composed by leader/drummer George Schuller. Some fine solo work by Ken Cervenka, Gary Valente and Stan Strickland. With: Matt Darriau-sax Stan Strickland-sax ...


"Boston Jazz Radio and Government Funding" by Steve Provizer

Looks like the NEA will cut the Jazz Masters program and government funding for PBS and NPR is in jeopardy. How will such cuts effect jazz? I'll just bite off a small piece of it and focus on Boston media. There's little jazz on TV. Public television has a small stake, carrying awards ceremonies at the ...


Who is Art Tatum Dating? By Steve Provizer

Was the saturation coverage of George Shearing's recent death commensurate with his musical contributions? To my ears, Shearing's music is pleasurable and well-crafted but unexciting. He was capable of playing any style, but the chosen format of his most well-known groups was harmonically consonant and the soloing, while very adept, lacked edge. Shearing's coverage was the ...


"Stereotypes in Black Music" by Alan Kurtz, Reviewed by Steve Provizer

Author Alan Kurtz's thesis is: since at least the turn of the 20th century, African-American performers have been fulfilling and/or re-inforcing stereotypes of the naturally-rhythmic primitive savage-i.e., sustaining “white ethnocentric fantasies"-to advance their careers. Episodes include: Minstrelsy, the “coon song" craze, vaudeville, popular black theater ("In Dahomey," Shuffle Along," etc), Ellington's “Jungle Music," Louis Armstrong, Fats ...


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