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Ross Bolleter: Night Kitchen

Read "Night Kitchen" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

Ross Bolleter delivers on a promise he never made but has always suggested, throughout his long and distinguished musical career. On Night Kitchen--a reference to a crepuscular event with the ruined pianos in question--he succeeds in producing what should go down in the history of music as an amazing document that furthers the cause of improvised ...


Ross Bolleter: Night Kitchen (2002-2009)

Read "Night Kitchen (2002-2009)" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

In una recente edizione del festival Novara Jazz, gli organizzatori ebbero l'ottima idea di mettere insieme due vecchi amici dalle carriere assai diverse, Evan Parker e Micheal Nyman. Il pianista e compositore - la cui fama è di gran lunga superiore ai meriti e alle qualità, ma cui non fa certo difetto l'astuzia e l'attitudine al marketing - accettò la ...


Ross Bolleter - Night Kitchen (2002-2009) (Emanem)

Like Roland Kirk and his panoply of horns, Russ Bolleter faces the charge of gimmickry each time he holds forth on his instruments. Bolleter's province is ruined pianos, the specifics for which are delineated in his own book on the subject, The Well Weathered Piano (3rd edition). “Ruined" is an important adjectival designation, distinct from “neglected" ...


Ross Bolleter: Secret Sandhills & Satellites

Read "Secret Sandhills & Satellites" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Un piano si definisce “ruined” quando è stato abbandonato alle intemperie del tempo, è riconducibile ad una scatola malconcia piena di tasti rotti e corde spezzate, e neanche una nota suona come su di un piano temperato. Si differenzia dal “devasted piano”, che normalmente giace disteso per terra, perché mantiene l’intelaiatura ed il mobile più o meno intatti, a ...


Ross Bolleter: Secret Sandhills and Satellites

Read "Secret Sandhills and Satellites" reviewed by John Eyles

For the uninitiated--which includes most of us, I would guess--this album is at once intriguing, fascinating and educational. Subtitled “for ruined pianos and pianos on the edge of ruin, it features Ross Bolleter, co-founder of WARPS (World Association for Ruined Piano Studies), who recorded all of these pieces on ruined pianos at locations in his native ...