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The Michael Lauren All Stars: Old School / Fresh Jazz

Read "Old School / Fresh Jazz" reviewed by Jim Worsley

A second outing for drummer and composer Michael Lauren and his All Stars continues and strengthens their fresh path through intelligent modernism. Their brightly-lit road intersects again and again with a variety of classic jazz genres. This energetic sixteen-track outing is presented in a unique style. Interspersed between the songs are six short drum duets with ...


European Jazz Conference Lisbon 2018: Portuguese showcases

Read "European Jazz Conference Lisbon 2018: Portuguese showcases" reviewed by Henning Bolte

Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB); Livraria Ler Devagar
European Jazz Conference Lisbon 2018
Lisbon, Portugal
September 13-15, 2018

European Jazz Conference Lisbon 2018: Portuguese showcases This year's annual European Jazz Conference, a convention organized by the European Jazz Network, took place at Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) in the Portuguese capital ...


Michael Lauren All Stars: Once Upon A Time In Portugal

Read "Once Upon A Time In Portugal" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

Drummer/educator Michael Lauren moved from New York City in 2003 to become the Professor of Drum Set studies at the Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espectáculo (ESMAE) in Porto, Portugal. He formed his All Star band with some of Portugal's best jazz musicians to continue performing the hard bop he loves. Almost everyone contributes a ...


Ljubljana Jazz Festival: Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 20–29, 2012

Read "Ljubljana Jazz  Festival: Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 20–29, 2012" reviewed by Henning Bolte

Ljubljana Jazz Festival
Ljubljana, Slovenia
June 20-29, 2012
Ljubljana, with its 53rd edition, truly hosts the oldest jazz festival in Europe. Norway's Molde, also a candidate, started one year later, in 1960. The capital of the now-independent Republic of Slovenia, neighbored by Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy, Ljubljana is situated one hour from Trieste, two hours ...


Carlos Barretto: Labirintos

Read "Labirintos" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

La casa discografica portoghese Clean Feed ha ormai acquisito un importante ruolo nella promozione della musica jazz d'avanguardia in Europa, affiancando alle incisioni di musicisti americani ed europeni anche numerosi titoli di musicisti lusitani. Nel caso di Labirintos si tratta del contrabbassista Carlos Barretto e del suo trio Lokomotiv. L'ultima loro incisione (con l'ospite speciale Francois Corneloup) si intitolava proprio Lokomotiv ...


Bernardo SassettiTrio: Motion

Read "Motion" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Quite often, when hearing compositions by pianist Bernardo Sassetti, it's easy to mistake him for an American. His folksy charm has that Aaron Copland-meets-Bill Frisell kind of Americana. But no, this huge talent is Portugal's own son.

He is back again in a trio setting with bassist Carlos Barretto and drummer Alexandre Frazão. The ...


Carlos Barretto Lokomotiv - Labirintos (Clean Feed)

Something of a musical chameleon, bassist Carlos Barretto is also a Clean Feed staple. This set marks his ninth outing for the Portuguese label as either leader or sideman. Guitarist Mario Delgado and drummer Jose Salgueiro are regular colleagues who rejoin him here. The music is typically eclectic, pulling in sturdy threads of rock, funk, folk ...


Carlos Barretto Trio + Louis Sclavis: Radio Song

Read "Radio Song" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Trio portoghese guidato dal contrabbassista Carlos Barretto, questa formazione ospita in tre tracce le ance di Louis Sclavis e mette in mostra un jazz libero, dalle sonorità molto marcate, che si sviluppano a partire da latenti ispirazioni popolari. Il disco è peraltro molto vario, passando dalle atmosfere sclavisiane del primo brano (Barretto ha soggiornato a lungo a Parigi) ...


Carlos Barretto Trio / Louis Sclavis: Radio Song

Read "Radio Song" reviewed by Troy Collins

Portuguese bassist Carlos Barretto's 2002 recording Radio Song was originally released on the obscure CBTM label. Reissued by Clean Feed, this edition complements his 2004 album Lokomotiv (Clean Feed) with a session of highly charged, free-wheeling post-bop, spiced with traditional Portuguese folk melodies.

Barretto's resume is filled with stints accompanying Mal Waldron, Barry Altschul, ...


Carlos Barretto Trio: Silencios

Read "Silencios" reviewed by Ben Ohmart

European jazz hits its mark with the likes of Carlos Barretto (double bass), Mario Delgado (electric guitar) and Jose Salgueiro (percussion), a trio more honored in the headphones than in the speakers. A quiet group primarily (what would you really expect when the main man is on bass?), this trio is concerned with sonic soundscapes of ...