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Garage a Trois: Emphasizer

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Three of the four players in Garage a Trois are West Coasters, which helps explain the free-wheeling home-brewed funk that pervades Emphasizer. It's only appropriate that New Orleans also make its contribution in the form of drummer Stanton Moore, a viciously adept guardian of the groove. The year-old addition of percussionist/vibraphonist Mike Dillon represents an upgrade ...

Garage a Trois: Emphasizer

Read "Emphasizer" reviewed by Mark Corroto

When was the last time you had fun listening to a jazz record?

I’m not talking about the seriousness of the neo-conservative suit-and-tie hard bopper syndrome, people who perform the “listen to this music, it’s good for you” kind. Nor the avant “we don’t expect (want) you to understand or actually like our ...