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Herbie Mann/Bobby Jaspar: Flute Flight

Read "Flute Flight" reviewed by David Rickert

Flautists are the 98 pound weaklings in the jazz musician crowd, constantly working hard to prove that their chosen instrument has serious jazz credentials. Herbie Mann and Bobby Jaspar were two of the few who made the flute their primary instrument, and both had their moments, Mann as a leader and Jaspar with JJ Johnson. However, ...


Herbie Mann/ Bobby Jaspar: Flute Flight

Read "Flute Flight" reviewed by Derek Taylor

Concept albums were all the rage back in the late Fifties, and jazz music was no exception among genres. Popular within this certain niche was the notion of featuring instruments uncommonly featured in lead roles. The result was a flood of records fielded by everything from French horns to accordions to harps. One album cut for ...