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Anouar Brahem: Le Pas du Chat Noir

Read "Le Pas du Chat Noir" reviewed by Sergio Masferrer

Anouar Brahem knows perfectly the formula to condense in the air the fragrance of incense, the visual impression of an orange-colored sky over the adobe terraces in Tunis, and a sea of reminiscences shaken up by his melodies. His music seems to be languid, but its lassitude takes you in, absorbs you, and softly converts any ...


Anouar Brahem: Le Pas Du Chat Noir

Read "Le Pas Du Chat Noir" reviewed by AAJ Staff

The outstanding clarity of Anouar Brahem's new trio record demonstrates the composer's ability to combine several cultural influences without sounding contrived or disjointed. For this project, Brahem composed 12 pieces for the most unusual combination of piano, accordion, and oud (a type of lute). The music came out of a long period of listening and composing ...