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Christoph Irniger

Christoph Irniger, born 1979, is a Swiss saxophonist, composer and bandleader. According to the Sunday edition of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung he is “undoubtedly one of the greatest talents of his generation.” In recent years, Irniger has made a name for himself in a range of line-ups, playing jazz, rock and related musical styles. As a musician from a generation which likes to work on multiple projects in eclectic styles, he leads a range of outfits, all distinct and surprising musically. The Swiss magazine Jazz ’N‘ More writes: “He comes up with something new each time by leaving the beaten tracks of sound


Mike McCormick

Mike McCormick is an Oslo-based guitarist, laptop performer and composer originally from Yellowknife, Canada. Though his primary expression is through music performance, Mike’s creative output draws from a variety of disciplines, including conceptual and performance art, electroacoustic music, twentieth-century literature, and various notated and improvised music traditions. Besides performing regularly in ad hoc improvising and chamber ensembles, his active projects include the improvising trio BRINICLE, the improvising laptop/saxophone duo Abelseth/McCormick, and his vivid depictions of human intimacy explored in the Proxemics project


Mazzarino - Fioravanti - Bagnoli: Songs

Read "Songs" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

La formula del piano trio non è frequente nella discografia di Giovanni Mazzarino. In venticinque anni di incisioni da leader questo è appena il terzo album: dall'ultimo lavoro Nostalgia, inciso con Steve Swallow e Adam Nussbaum, lo separano dodici anni e dal primo, I Remember Miles (con Nello Toscano e Paolo Mappa) addirittura sedici. ...


Stefano Pastor: Songs

Read "Songs" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Nell'ormai folta produzione discografica di Stefano Pastor, Songs per molti aspetti si ricollega a Chants edito nel 2009, le cui incisioni, sempre in solo, risalivano prevalentemente al settembre 2006. Tutti i brani di Songs sono stati invece registrati nel corso del 2010, salvo “Duke Ellington's Sound of Love" che appartiene alla medesima seduta del 2006. Nelle ...


Stefano Pastor: Songs

Read "Songs" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Songs is virtuoso Italian violinist Stefano Pastor's attempt to explore song form through his solo violin, aided only by different sound processors and his voice--feeling the sound of his voice as well as his violin physically, inside his body, and directly, without anything but his own body, as Pastor writes in the liner notes.


Bugge Wesseltoft: Songs

Read "Songs" reviewed by John Kelman

After John Scofield released his balladic A Moment's Peace (EmArcy, 2011), the guitarist revealed, in an 2011 All About Jazz interview, that the original plan was to record with Norwegian pianist Bugge Wesseltoft. It may not have come to pass, but based on Songs, it sure sounds as though these two artists--geographically distanced by thousands of ...


Giovanni Falzone - Bruno Angelini "If Duo": Songs

Read "Songs" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Ogni disco di Giovanni Falzone si caratterizza sia per l'alta qualità artistica che per una spiccata progettualità. Nove e tutte originali sono le composizioni di questo suo nuovo progetto, piccoli affreschi articolati per contrasti superbamente congegnati. Il pianista Bruno Angelini si rivela ancora una volta un partner ideale per un percorso arduo dove l'interplay gioca un ...


Tiziana Ghiglioni - Alberto Tacchini: Songs

Read "Songs" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

La gran signora del jazz italiano sforna l'ennesimo lavoro di classe e lo fa abbandonando la serie di album “dedicati" che costituiscono l'ossatura della sua ponderosa discografia (Tenco, Battisti, Duke, Gaslini, Modern Jazz Quartet, Chet, Luca Flores, etc.) per licenziare un album di canzoni, Songs per l'appunto, scritte dalla cantante ligure e musicate dal bravo Alberto ...


Gerry Hemingway: Songs

Read "Songs" reviewed by Martin Longley

When drummer Gerry Hemingway decides to pursue a song-based project, the only predictable outcome is that it will be unpredictable. His approach to composition includes elements of rock, electronica, minimalism and Broadway intimacy, yet can't be deemed any of these things. As well as the music, Hemingway has also penned the words. His chosen voice is ...


Steve Lacy & Brion Gysin: Songs

Read "Songs" reviewed by R. Emmet Sweeney

At the end of 1980, the late Steve Lacy expanded his group to a sextet with the addition of pianist Bobby Few. His first recording with this new configuration was Songs, a 1981 collaboration with poet/painter Brion Gysin, best known for his work with William Burroughs. Lacy and Gysin had worked together as far back as ...


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