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Chris May's Best Releases of 2011

Read "Chris May's Best Releases of 2011" reviewed by Chris May

2011 produced a bigger than usual crop of engaging new albums and important reissues. In no special order, here are ten new releases and five reissues: la crème de la crème.

Waitiki 7
In Hi-Fi
(Pass Out)

The Waitiki 7: Waitiki In Hi-Fi

Read "The Waitiki 7: Waitiki In Hi-Fi" reviewed by Chris May

The Waitiki 7

Waitiki In Hi-Fi

Pass Out Records


It must have been hell being a young adult in the US in the 1950s. Imagine it: the government was headed by a five-star general; nuclear Armageddon was a constant threat; race relations were bitter going on murderous; demands for ...


Waitiki 7 Releasing New Album "New Sounds of Exotica"

Waitiki 7 Releasing New Album "New Sounds of Exotica"

New Sounds of Exotica: Tiki Classics Get Shaken, Stirred, and Perfected by the Masterful WAITIKI 7

Take one part diverse players with intense focus and killer chops, and one part neglected mid-century multi-ethnic hybrid music with origins on America's harmonious island paradise. Add a dash of Technicolor tropical dreamscape, a twist of wild birdcalls, and stir ...