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Sheila Jordan / Harvie S: Yesterdays

Read "Yesterdays" reviewed by Nicholas F. Mondello

With Yesterdays, singer Sheila Jordan yet again proves she can take a worn-to-a-sow's-ear standard and--voila!--turn it into a diamond-encrusted silk purse. Her partners in that magic are Harvie S and his beautifully resonating double bass--both assisting ever so deftly in the creative conversion.

Offering previously unreleased material from a 1990 live performance, Jordan and S ...

Myrna Lake: Yesterdays

Read "Yesterdays" reviewed by Samuel Chell

Another album by a female vocalist, another familiar playlist. But hold the assumptions. This is the first and only commercial album by septuagenarian singer Myrna Lake, but that's not the real story here. The recording is noteworthy above all because it refuses to mistake youth for vitality, slickness for substance, or newness for originality.



Keith Jarrett – Gary Peacock – Jack DeJohnette: Yesterdays

Read "Yesterdays" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Keith Jarrett. Sempre lui. Amato o discusso, ma comunque imprescindibile. Questo suo nuovo album, disponibile anche come doppio vinile (il primo pubblicato dall'ECM dopo una pausa di 15 anni), registrato come molti altri in Giappone e dal vivo, è il quarto tratto dai concerti che il trio ha tenuto nel 2001. Anno che a questo punto si configura come ...


Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnette: Yesterdays

Read "Yesterdays" reviewed by John Kelman

2001 was clearly a banner year for pianist Keith Jarrett and his quarter century-old Standards Trio. Two shows recorded a week apart, have already been released-- The Out-of-Towners (ECM, 2004) and the stellar My Foolish Heart (ECM, 2007), where the trio expanded its encyclopedic approach to the standards repertoire to include some serious stride and ragtime ...


Myrna Lake: Yesterdays

Read "Yesterdays" reviewed by Chris Mosey

Yesterdays, vocalist Myrna Lake's second album, follows softly--as opposed to hard--on the heels of her independently released 2002 debut, Close Enough, when she was a spry young thing of 67. A late starter? Well, not really. Lake started singing three-part harmony with her father and sister at age six, and by 14 was performing with the ...


Shelly Manne & His Men: Yesterdays

Read "Yesterdays" reviewed by Russell Moon

Shelly Manne took his Men on a European tour with Norman Granz's Jazz at the Philharmonic organization in the winter of 1960. Along the way, Granz recorded the quintet's February 22 (Zurich) and March 2 (Copenhagen) gigs. Manne was a Contemporary Records artist at the time; however, Fantasy Records has acquired the rights to both Granz's ...


Liz Diamond: Yesterdays

Read "Yesterdays" reviewed by Dave Nathan

A veteran of the Borscht Belt, hotel dining and ball rooms, Bar Mitzvahs and other assorted social events, Liz Diamond has finally made it to the recording studio after many years in the business. She started quite young. Joined by a quintet of superb sidemen, Diamond applies her considerable experience and panache to a program of ...