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Romain Collin: The Calling

Read "The Calling" reviewed by Ian Patterson

In the dense jungle of the jazz piano trio, unearthing and successfully making heard an original voice is no small feat. Romain Collin caught the attention of many with his debut, The Rise and Fall of Pipokhun (Fresh Sound, New Talent, 2009), a mellow yet ambitious conceptual suite that marked the New York-based Frenchman as a ...


Romain Collin: The Calling

Read "The Calling" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Romain Collin è un pianista di classe. Qualità già emersa nel precedente The Rise and Fall of Pipokuhn del 2009, e pienamente confermata nel nuovo The Calling, album nel quale ritroviamo al suo fianco Luques Curtis al contrabbasso e Kendrick Scott alla batteria, con l'aggiunta in alcune tracce del chitarrista John Shannon e di Adrian Daurov al violoncello. Sono ...


Bluiett : The Calling

Read "The Calling" reviewed by Jim Santella

Bluiett, Jackson and El'Zabar pour a little of everything into their collaboration. Wordless scat vocals, lyrical ballads, soulful blues, leading-edge exploring, modern jazz, and exotic vocal incantations make for an eclectic session. Kahil El'Zabar sets a fascinating scene with his spiritual singing and natural drum accompaniment. D.D. Jackson applies his adventurous keyboard technique to each of ...

Bluiett/Jackson/El'Zabar: The Calling

Read "The Calling" reviewed by AAJ Staff

The BJE trio lies comfortably at the intersection between jazz, tribal music, blues, and gospel. In its original form as BJT (with Senegalese percussionist Mor Thiam), this trio defined and occupied a niche. The new reincarnation continues to expand that sound. By distilling modern jazz and consciously returning to the roots of the tradition, these players ...