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Billie Davies Trio: Perspectives II

Read "Perspectives II" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

The spiritual jazz tradition, as exemplified by John Coltrane, Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, has been having a resurgence over the past few years in places like Los Angeles and Great Britain. Now here is evidence that some musicians in New Orleans are going down that path as well. Billie Davies is a drummer from Belgium ...


Julian Priester: Reflections in Positivity

Read "Julian Priester: Reflections in Positivity" reviewed by Paul Rauch

My task for the day was to interview legendary trombonist/composer, and jazz icon, Julian Priester. We had met a few times over my 35 years of frequenting the jazz scene in Seattle, coinciding with Priester's years teaching at the esteemed Cornish College of the Arts. In anticipation, I had spent nearly two months preparing, reacquainting myself ...


Calling Ra, Mr. Sun Ra your rocket ship is ready

Read "Calling Ra, Mr. Sun Ra your rocket ship is ready" reviewed by Mark Corroto

How prophetic is it that we now live in the second century of Sun Ra's earthly existence? Born (maybe) in Alabama 1914, Herman Poole Blount became the pianist, arranger, band leader, poet, and can we say prophet(?) we know as Sun Ra. He was both a man of his times and a messenger from the space. ...


Ethnic Heritage Ensemble at The Center for New Music

Read "Ethnic Heritage Ensemble at The Center for New Music" reviewed by Harry S. Pariser

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
Center for New Music
San Francisco, CA
February 15, 2016

San Francisco's Tenderloin District is a down-and-out area which wags have christened “Twitterloin," (owing to the proximity of Twitter and other tax companies given tax subsidies to erect their palatial edifices in this culturally diverse neighborhood). And the ...


Sun Ra: The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Box Set + College Tour Volume One

Read "The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Box Set + College Tour Volume One" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Dall'avvento del CD i dischi ESP di Sun Ra hanno subito un destino ristampatorio piuttosto frenetico, tra edizioni più o meno autorizzate e più o meno implementate. A mettere, forse, la parola definitiva a questo susseguirsi di tentazioni e delusioni per gli appassionati del musicista di Saturno [che, si sa, sono tra i più voraci e fedeli dell'intero ...

Sun Ra: College Tour Vol. 1

Read "Sun Ra: College Tour Vol. 1" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

Sun Ra College Tour Vol. 1

ESP Disk


There is nothing quite as breathtaking as one of the early recordings of Sun Ra and his Arkestra. After his explosive and historic recordings The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Vol. IVol. II were first released in 1965 and 1966, modern music ...

Sun Ra Arkestra: Sunrise In Different Dimensions

Read "Sun Ra Arkestra: Sunrise In Different Dimensions" reviewed by Chris May

Sun Ra Arkestra

Sunrise In Different Dimensions


2010 (1980)

Sun Ra's discography is so vast, and its entry points so varied, that the late pianist and bandleader means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For most, Ra is probably best known for orchestral performances of ...


Mass. Gov. Patrick Donates Collection to Berklee

By Globe Staff Governor Deval Patrick and his family are donating the scores, photographs, recordings, and personal materials of his father, Pat Patrick, an influential baritone saxophone player who shared the stage with many jazz greats of the 20th century, to Berklee College of Music, the school announced today.

Pat Patrick, who died of leukemia in 1991, ...


Charles Davis: In the Air

Read "Charles Davis: In the Air" reviewed by Terrell Kent Holmes

Saxophonist Charles Davis has spent the past few decades making history with such luminaries as Billie Holiday, Kenny Dorham, Abdullah Ibrahim, Clifford Jordan, Dinah Washington and Freddie Hubbard. Although Davis might be best known as one of the baritone players in the Sun Ra Arkestra, his many recordings and excellent performances outside of the Arkestral context ...