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Linda Ciofalo: Take The High Road

Read "Take The High Road" reviewed by Tom Pierce

Timbre, taste and time are three admittedly subjective considerations that resonate most with this listener, with respect to Jazz vocalists.

With Take The High Road, New York based Linda Ciofalo's sparkling clarity of tone, sensitive interpretation of lyrics and consistent ability to swing effortlessly, represent positive examples of these traits.

“You Do Something To Me", a ...


Linda Ciofalo: Take the High Road

Read "Take the High Road" reviewed by Dave Nathan

Now comes another entry on the expanding female vocalist register with New York's Linda Ciofalo's first album featuring a program of standards and contemporary pop sprinkled with two of her originals. Ciofalo exhibits a high degree of vocal versatility and flexibility with a variety of singing styles. On Cyndi Lauper's contemporary adult pop tune “Time After ...