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Various Artists: Unusual Sounds: The Hidden History of Library Music

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Library music--aka stock or production music--was first marketed in the 1920s, to be used by “picture palaces" showing silent movies. Its golden age came during the 1960s and 1970s, when it provided off-the-shelf incidental music for radio, television, film and advertising. Ever since Quentin Tarantino included recordings by one of that era's most prolific British library-music ...


Gary Bartz: Anthology

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Non è infrequente nella storia del jazz che ci siano delle figure di grande interesse, che raggiungono anche un buon successo e di cui poi ci si dimentica, un po' inspiegabilmente, con troppa fretta. Il sassofonista Gary Bartz rientra certamente in questa sfortunata cerchia: dopo i primi passi alla metà degli anni Sessanta, con Max Roach e con ...


Al Di Meola: Anthology

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Okay, okay -- he’s fast, he’s suave, slick, and oh so technically clean. Di Meola’s furious, flamenco, fandango, fusion guitar work stands alone. Very few have really ever gained exact echoes of his style. That muted percussive staccato riffage with explosive lead breaks and sudden stop-n-go colorings of tone and note texture have always been impressive.


Al DiMeola: Anthology

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The Holy Trinity of great fusion guitarists must assuredly be John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny and Al DiMeola. This two-disc “Anthology” collects the best tracks from seven of DiMeola’s Columbia albums between 1975 and 1983, along with four previously unreleased live tracks. Since DiMeola turned out so much uniformly excellent music for the label in that period, ...