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Giuseppe Millaci: Songbook

Read "Songbook" reviewed by Troy Dostert

On his debut recording, Songbook, Italian bassist Giuseppe Millaci displays a healthy share of confidence and panache. And with a mature compositional voice and the help of well-chosen bandmates in pianist Amaury Faye and drummer Lionel Beuvens, Millaci offers some fine music worthy of gaining a wider audience.

The album's title might be a ...


Giuseppe Millaci: Songbook

Read "Songbook" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Inspired by the iconic bassists Ray Brown and Dave Holland, Italian bassist Giuseppe Millaci and his vogue trio--compelling pianist Amaury Faye and drummer Lionel Beuvens have themselves a real sweet, fluid listening disc that poses much promise for the years ahead.

“Nostalgia Op.1" sets the course early with an intuitive, rolling ease that belies ...


Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio "Songbook" Debut Album Out Now

Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio "Songbook" Debut Album Out Now

Born in Sicily, Giuseppe Millaci is a young jazz musician and composer with a portfolio of distinguished credentials. After relocating to Belgium as a teenager, Millaci began playing double bass and was influenced by jazz luminaries such as Ray Brown, Dave Holland and Marc Johnson. In 2007, he was accepted at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and ...


Interview: Georgia Mancio

Interview: Georgia Mancio

Back in July, I posted on singer Georgia Mancio's exquisite new album, Songbook. On the album, Georgia was joined by pianist Alan Broadbent, who wrote all of the songs and invited Georgia to write each song's lyric. In the days that followed my post, many of you wrote asking to know more about her. Recently I ...

Georgia Mancio and Alan Broadbent: Songbook

Read "Songbook" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Twenty years ago Georgia Mancio, the London-based singer and songwriter, began listening to pianist Alan Broadbent's recordings with Irene Kral. In 2013 the pair began working together as a duo after Mancio sent Broadbent a message “on a whim." In 2015 and 2016 they recorded together and Songbook is the result: a dozen original compositions--music by ...

Jason Palmer: Songbook

Read "Songbook" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Trumpeter and composer Jason Palmer cares intensely about jazz and his place within its musical world. He's working hard to find his own voice, and represents one of the young players who has gone through the mentoring process, in this case, with saxophonist Greg Osby.

Songbook's pieces are all written by Palmer, and ...

Giorgio Gaslini: Songbook

Read "Songbook" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Musicista totale per eccellenza, Giorgio Gaslini ha sempre amato la canzone d'autore e non ha disdegnato - come fanno altri compositori colti - di fissare sul pentagramma un'idea sbocciata all'improvviso, sia essa un testo o una melodia. Nel secondo dopoguerra, ben prima che in Italia fiorissero la scuola milanese e genovese, Gaslini ha amato le canzoni di Fiorenzo Carpi, Gino ...

Bob Washut: Songbook

Read "Songbook" reviewed by Dave Nathan

Bob Washut is a musical product of Northern Iowa University and has taken upon himself to gather together two close friends to do a piano trio CD. Of the eleven tunes, seven are Washut compositions. All the tunes are musical expressions of Washut's admiration for a specific individual. Some of them are well-known jazz musicians, like ...