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Gui Mallon: Live at Montreux

Read "Live at Montreux" reviewed by Woodrow Wilkins

Jazz is arguably the one form of music that's truly American in its creation. However, it clearly belongs to the world, as artists of all continents and many cultures have embraced the art form and adapted it to their own experiences. One jazz musician from the South even referred to it as America's classical music.


Don Ellis: Live At Montreux

Read "Live At Montreux" reviewed by Jim Santella

Recorded 27 years ago, this album from the Don Ellis library contains all the rhythmic and polyphonic excitement that you’d expect from such a pioneer in modern big band jazz. With this CD release, the original LP has been augmented by the addition of three previously unreleased tracks that came from the same Montreux performance.


Don Ellis: Live at Montreux

Read "Live at Montreux" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Living and Dying in 7/8 time...

Don Ellis no more gave a damn about the status quo in Jazz than the man in the moon did. He was not so much an iconoclast as a creative, happy-go-lucky creator of interesting music who was not so much out to make a point as to try something new ...


Lynne Arriale: Live At Montreux

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Least likely titles at the Tower listening post: “Come Shmooze with Me--Lynne Arriale's Tribute to Ol' Blue Eyes." “Arriale Plays Dead--The Music of Jerry Garcia."

Lynne Arriale does not look for the easy way out. Her piano technique would allow her to crank out “songbook" CD's that could easily compete with all the others. Instead she ...


Albert Mangelsdorff & Reto Weber Percussion Orchestra: Live At Montreux

Read "Live At Montreux" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

German trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff splits notes by overblowing and humming into his mouthpiece while also crossing octaves with relative ease as he is one of the very few trombonists capable of employing this difficult technique known as – multiphonics. With that and his noted brilliance as an improviser, Mangelsdorff tries his hand at working with a ...