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Tyrone Brown: Song Of The Sun

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These days, the boundaries of what is and what isn't jazz are being blurred by a number of factors, including but not limited to: changes of instrumentation, the break from traditional 2 and 4 on the cymbal, absence of a walking bass-line, and the introduction of new, impeccably dressed, well manicured artists who wear frilly shirts ...


Tyrone Brown String Sextet: Song Of The Sun

Read "Song Of The Sun" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

With Strings. String group interpretation of jazz is nothing new. There have been several string quartets that have pursued this road, the Kronos Quartet and Turtle Island String Quartet just to mention two. Wynton Marsalis entered the “String Quartet” fray with his String Quartet Number 1: At The Octoroon Balls (Sony Classical/Columbia 60979) released in 1999. ...