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Susannah McCorkle: Ballad Essentials

Read "Ballad Essentials" reviewed by Dave Nathan

Susannah McCorkle is the latest entry in Concord Jazz's Ballad Essentials series, and certainly is one of the most exceptional entries. Few singers of our generation or any had a way with a set of lyrics as McCorkle. She has the ability to brighten and ventilate even the most tired of tunes. Fortunately her taste in ...


Carmen McRae: Ballad Essentials

Read "Ballad Essentials" reviewed by John Sharpe

Carmen McRae has always been one of my favourite singers. Technically, she couldn’t match the vocal gymnastics of Ella Fitzgerald or Sarah Vaughan, but her timing and delivery were impeccable. Ballad Essentials is a fine compilation drawn from four albums Carmen recorded for Concord in the 80s -- Fine And Mellow - Live At Birdland West, ...