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Swingadelic: Mercerville

Read "Mercerville" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Swingadelic loves a good tribute. This little big band's first date for Zoho was all about Duke--Pearson, not Ellington--and its second set on that imprint focused on the music of New Orleans icon Allen Toussaint. Now the group has set its sights on another singular figure, taking a trip to Johnny Mercer country with positive results. ...


Swingadelic: Toussaintville

Read "Toussaintville" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

It's tempting to say that the great Allen Toussaint is a musical phoenix who rose out of the ashes of a Katrina-ravaged New Orleans, but that's not really true. Toussaint wasn't reborn when his city was in ruins; people just started to wake up and take notice of him again in the wake of that tragedy. ...


Swingadelic: The Other Duke - Tribute to Duke Pearson

Read "The Other Duke - Tribute to Duke Pearson" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Divertente. È questo il primo aggettivo che salta in mente dopo aver ascoltato le dieci tracce di The Other Duke - Tribute to Duke Pearson, il nuovo lavoro firmato Swingadelic. Questo perché la musica del pianista e compositore Duke Pearson, qui omaggiata in maniera molto fedele ai tratti originali, porta dentro di sé una vitalità contagiosa e ...


Swingadelic Big Band Pays Tribute to Duke Pearson on "The Other Duke"

Swingadelic Big Band Pays Tribute to Duke Pearson on "The Other Duke"

Swingadelic holds forth at Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ, on selected nights. A regular gig, some decent soloists and some good arrangers plying their craft on a regular basis can do wonders. We have the evidence of that in their tribute to Blue Note pianist, composer and A&R man, the late Duke Pearson, The Other Duke (Zoho 201107). It's ...


Swingadelic - The Other Duke: Tribute to Duke Pearson (2011)

Swingadelic - The Other Duke: Tribute to Duke Pearson (2011)

Better known for helping shape the Blue Note Records hard bop sound as a producer in the 1960s, pianist Duke Pearson also led his own big band before succumbing to the ravages of multiple sclerosis at age 47. Pearson displayed an underrated flair for unconventional arranging in a setting that couldn't have been further from his dates ...


Swingadelic: The Other Duke: Tribute To Duke Pearson

Read "The Other Duke: Tribute To Duke Pearson" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Most four-letter words come with a negative connotation attached, but that's not always the case. When big band fans hear the word “Duke" uttered aloud, positive thoughts tend to take over and Duke Ellington immediately comes to mind. His legendary compositions and historic recordings elevated him to the very top of the jazz world, and one ...


Swingadelic: The Other Duke

Read "The Other Duke" reviewed by Greg Simmons

Swingadelic has a standing Monday night gig at the New Jersey club Maxwells, which surely makes this band the greatest thing to come out of Hoboken since they built the Lincoln Tunnel. These eleven musicians--a smallish big band--blow an enormous amount of sound out of The Other Duke, a collection of Duke Pearson songs with new ...


Swingadelic at Maxwell's

Read "Swingadelic at Maxwell's" reviewed by Tom Dwyer

Hoboken, NJ
June 24, 2006

It's a Monday evening around 8:30 pm when a group of musicians wanders into Maxwell's, the venerable music club in Hoboken, NJ and start tuning up. Swingadelic, an eleven-piece “little big band has been gigging the front room at Maxwell's every other ...


Swingadelic: Big Band Blues

Read "Big Band Blues" reviewed by Jack Bowers

As its name implies, Swingadelic, a “little big band from Hoboken, New Jersey, focuses primarily on music from the Swing Era, especially the blues. The band has no vocalist as such; instead, various members of the ensemble double in that capacity, with some faring better than others. There are vocals on eight of the album's twelve ...