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Cyrus Chestnut Trio: Journeys

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During a career spanning 20 years, Cyrus Chestnut has risen to be one of the most esteemed and productive of jazz pianists. Journeys makes 16 recordings under his name. He regularly performs with his trio and is the go-to guy on numerous recording dates and gigs.

Having apprenticed with the incomparable vocalist Betty ...


Alessandra Franco - Giovanni Maier: Journeys

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Si muove originalmente in molte direzioni diverse questo fortunato incontro tra le corde del contrabbasso di Giovanni Maier e la voce dell'eclettica Alessandra Franco, vocalist d'area jazzistica che non disdegna incursioni nella world music (come nel caso del CD dell'Earthbeat Ensemble, Los lugares del sueño). Il lavoro, infatti, esplora - sempre attraverso brani originali e con ampio uso dell'improvvisazione ...


Dave Glenn Little Big Band: Journeys

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Trombonist Dave Glenn's 12-piece Little Big Band, which thanks to creative chartmaking is more big than little on Journeys, helps redress a clear-cut need, as there aren't many bands that size recording these days. In fact, even Glenn's band isn't recording these days, having completed this assignment more than three years ago, in April 1995. Since ...